Global Alliance for Cannabis Commerce Statement on George Floyd Protests

WASHINGTON, D.C., (June 3, 2020)—The Global Alliance for Cannabis Commerce condemns the brutal slaying of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Nationwide, the pain of centuries of oppression and a failure to listen is playing out across the country.

Americans have the right to free expression, peaceable assembly, and redress of grievances—it is the core of the system of government that relates the People to their officials. These rights cannot and must not be suppressed lest the character of what is free and American is lost. In the absence of Justice’s blind, dispassionate application, Americans in their anger have tragically resorted to the language of the unheard.

State, local, and federal governments must listen and de-escalate these conflicts with their own citizens. It is the duty and obligation of government to protect the People and to keep public forums open for our collective mourning.

Like many other business owners across America, our businesses have suffered damage. We will not distract from the righteous cause of justice; we will rebuild. Americans have been promised life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness—that ordering is a list of priorities that defines how the American People approach the problems of our society. Life comes first.


About The Global Alliance for Cannabis Commerce (GACC)

The Global Alliance for Cannabis Commerce (GACC) exists to provide policymakers and legislators with the guidance necessary to take the nascent cannabis industry from the grey market into a global provider of medical and adult-use cannabis products. GACC advocates in front of government policymakers and legislators in order to legalize and regulate the cultivation, manufacture, distribution, or use of medical and adult-use cannabis products globally. For more information contact Randal John Meyer,