GACC Provides Commentary on the Booker-Wyden-Schumer Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act

WASHINGTON, DC—The Global Alliance for Cannabis Commerce (GACC), as part of its ongoing support of the Act, offered comments to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR), and Senator Cory Booker’s (D-NJ) Cannabis Administration and Opportunity (CAO) Act in response to their request for comment on the Discussion Draft.

GACC hopes the final draft of the bill follows the path of GACC’s model legislation and the will of the vast majority of Americans, U.S. cannabis companies, patients, consumers, and allied suppliers, and quickly authorizes the interstate commerce of lawful state cannabis products, including medical products, so that a national, and ultimately international market can be created for the benefit of American businesses and consumers. The expeditious development of a national market is crucial so that we can catch up with Canada, Uruguay, the EU, Israel, and Mexico in the new international cannabis industry.

Our comments reflect GACC’s key priorities with respect to federal legalization:

  • Ensuring the success of existing businesses that are operating under current state laws in interstate commerce and the new national market immediately, without unnecessary barriers to entry or growth. 
  • Ensuring that medical cannabis – an effective form of routine treatment for millions of Americans – continues to be available immediately and is not restricted by unnecessary bureaucratic processes that should never come between patient and doctor.
  • Ensuring that socially and economically-disadvantaged businesses are given support and a truly fair shot at cannabis business opportunities in the new national market.
  • Accomplishing criminal justice reform for those negatively impacted by cannabis prohibition

“The road to a viable, robust and inclusive interstate cannabis market is to develop and deploy policies and regulations that invite welcomed entry rather than raising barriers, disappointment, and hardship. It is imperative that we transition from isolated state consumer markets toward an open, inclusive and robust interstate commerce of cannabis products, especially to help jump-start economically disadvantaged social equity entrepreneurs to fully participate in a national marketplace.” – Rezwan Khan, President of the Global Alliance for Cannabis Commerce

A full copy of GACC’s comments are available on our website and our Executive summary is enclosed with this statement. GACC is committed to transparent representation of the U.S. cannabis industry. 


About The Global Alliance for Cannabis Commerce (GACC)

The Global Alliance for Cannabis Commerce (GACC) is a 501(c)(6) trade organization that exists to provide policymakers and legislators with the guidance necessary to take the nascent cannabis industry from the grey market into a global provider of medical and adult-use cannabis products. GACC advocates in front of government policymakers and legislators in order to legalize and regulate the cultivation, manufacture, distribution, or use of medical and adult-use cannabis products globally.

For Immediate Release:

September 1, 2021

Contact: Randal John Meyer,