Mission & Goals

Mission & Goals

Our Mission

The Global Alliance for Cannabis Commerce (GACC) advocates in front of government policymakers and legislators to support legalizing and regulating the cultivation, manufacture, distribution, and use of medical and adult use cannabis products globally. GACC further works to ensure that medical and adult users of cannabis are not improperly stigmatized for their ordinary needs and activities.

Our Goals

Goal 1: Legalize and Regulate Cannabis Commerce Globally

Despite global prohibitions on the cultivation, refinement, and use of cannabis products and oils, growing consumer demand has sparked a vibrant and scientifically-oriented industry.

In order to meet that demand, it is imperative that governments: de-schedule cannabis from their respective controlled substance acts; provide a pathway for legalizing extant businesses and assets to ensure continuity; and permit the free trade of cannabis across domestic and international jurisdictions.

Goal 2: Ensure Patient and Adult User Access By Advocating For A Vibrant And Competitive Industry

The Alliance promotes the free trade of cannabis across jurisdictions, so that provincial interests do not undermine the needs of patients and larger economic growth. Current policies in the U.S. mean that some states’ medical professionals cannot meet their patients cannabis needs because the federal government prohibits transport across state lines, even between states in which it is legal. Current law also enables oligopolies to develop, driving up prices for patients and adult users.

Goal 3: Normalize The Medical and Adult Use of Cannabis

The Alliance is committed to educating the public and policymakers about medical and adult use cannabis, which dates back to as early as 3000 B.C. Modern science has definitively shown that cannabis is a much safer alternative to opioids for patient pain management and less harmful as an adult use substance than alcohol or tobacco. Backed by medical professionals and increasingly available scientific data, the Alliance’s efforts to destigmatize cannabis support its public policy mission.